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Kory Davis Photo Kory Davis (605) 940-5544 REALTOR® kory@TheExperience.com
Sam Britt Photo Sam Britt (605) 940-6899 REALTOR® sam@TheExperience.com
Matt Evers Photo Matt Evers (605) 933-2869 REALTOR® evers@TheExperience.com
Abbie Franks Photo Abbie Franks (605) 380-4565 REALTOR® abbie@TheExperience.com
Nic Gregg Photo Nic Gregg (605) 988-4693 REALTOR® nic@TheExperience.com
Lydia Greve Photo Lydia Greve (605) 838-7978 REALTOR® lydia@TheExperience.com
Chris Greve Photo Chris Greve (605) 251-0102 REALTOR® chris@TheExperience.com
Amy Hix Photo Amy Hix (605) 728-5885 REALTOR® amy@theexperience.com
Cindy Hockett-Sommervold Photo Cindy Hockett-Sommervold (605) 770-3164 REALTOR® cindy@TheExperience.com
Mandy Koopal Photo Mandy Koopal (605) 681-4364 REALTOR® mandy@TheExperience.com
John Kosters Photo John Kosters (605) 759-8269 REALTOR® john@TheExperience.com
Brad Meehan Photo Brad Meehan (605) 351-1830 REALTOR® brad@TheExperience.com
Ellie Ree-Stork Photo Ellie Ree-Stork (605) 310-7419 REALTOR® ellie@TheExperience.com
Carrie Styles Photo Carrie Styles (605) 366-8136 REALTOR® carrie@TheExperience.com
Carman Ward Photo Carman Ward (605) 595-4263 REALTOR® carman@TheExperience.com
Ryan Wilhelm Photo Ryan Wilhelm (605) 216-3906 REALTOR® ryan@TheExperience.com
Clay Wilhelm Photo Clay Wilhelm (605) 759-2966 REALTOR® clay@TheExperience.com


Tiffany Hohn Photo Tiffany Hohn (605) 940-5544 Director of Operations tiffany@TheExperience.com
Deana Olson Photo Deana Olson (605) 940-5544 Unlicensed Admin admin@TheExperience.com
Nicky Weber Photo Nicky Weber (605) 940-5544 Unlicensed Admin nicky@theexperience.com


Krisha Ashby Photo Krisha Ashby (605) 940-5544 ext. Ext1 Property Manager rentals@TheExperience.com
Jeff Crain Photo Jeff Crain (605) 940-5544 General Contractor builders@TheExperience.com
Jocie Davis Photo Jocie Davis (605) 940-5544 Professional Stager staging@TheExperience.com
Dawn DeLange Photo Dawn DeLange (605) 940-5544 Insurance Agent dawn@TheExperience.com
Todd Even Photo Todd Even (605) 940-5544 General Contractor builders@TheExperience.com
Janice Haag Photo Janice Haag (605) 940-5544 Professional Stager staging@TheExperience.com
Shelby Melillo Photo Shelby Melillo (605) 940-5544 Warehouse Manager shelby@TheExperience.com

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